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So You Are Asking The Question How To Change My IP Address?

Change IP AddressHow to change my ip address is a question that some people cannot seem to answer.  Some think that it is not possible to change your IP address when you have a cable modem with a company like Comcast or Brighthouse Networks (formerly known as time warner cable).  Well this is not true.  You may be asking how can I change my IP address or how do I change my IP address.  You can simply change your IP address quite easily.  In fact it takes about 2 minutes.  I’m referring to a cable modem on a windows machine.  This web page is directed to a pc running windows, xp, vista, or 7 that has cable modem internet through a company like Comcast, Brighthouse Networks, or another cable company.  Changing your IP address through dialup, DSL, or an aircard through a company like verizon or sprint is simple.  With dialup, you just disconnect and reconnect and you should have a different IP.  With DSL I read that you turn the DSL modem off for 2 minutes and turn it back on.  With an aircard you also disconnect and reconnect and you should have a new IP address.  With a cable modem you need to go through a procedure.  How to change my ip address windows 7, vista 32 bit, windows xp, and server 2008 are operating systems that can be used with this method. Once you do it once or twice it should take you 2 minutes after that.  I did a Comcast change ip as well as Brighthouse Networks with this method and it works.  It will work for any cable modem through any company because they all work the same.  If you call the cable company and the question how to change my IP address is on your mind and ask them they might tell you it can’t be changed or it changes once every 3 months or something like that.  It may change every few months.  I don’t know if a cable modem is considered to have a static IP address. But if it does then the question of how to change my static IP address what this site is about. But the truth is you can change it on your own with some simple steps.  I’ve put together a simple 2 page ebook that outlines the steps to take to change IP address step by step.  Like I said after you change it the 1st couple of times it should take 2 minutes.

Please read the requirements for this to work in the first article at the top of this page.

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